The Fledgeling EP

by The Fledgelings

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The Fledgeling EP is a collection of 5 songs written and recorded by friends over the course of 2011-2012. The recording time was intended as a sort of practice run for the also fledgling Blue Sofa Studios in Greensburg, PA.


released September 4, 2012

The Fledgelings Are: Jeremy Flynn, Marcus Morales, Miguel Morales.
Recorded at Blue Sofa Studios by RJ Dietrich.



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The Fledgelings Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Birthday Song
All of a sudden
Ill be 21 soon
And I cant help but feel like
A lobotomized moon
Because ive never seen the sun before
And now all of a sudden I’m gone

If you never see it
Then I’d say its gone

If you never see it
Than Id say that its never there

Soon I will be caught
Fast asleep at a rest stop
Theyll find all the bodies
So lets take our hats off
To the boys downtown
Who worked me around
I spilled all my guts
Now theyre gone

All of sudden
Someones in my room
And I cant help but feel like
Ive settled down to see
And theyre a voice in my mind
But its not mine
And now all of a sudden Im gone
Track Name: Golden
You drop to your knees with the weight of your life its not much of a struggle but you stumble
Well Im in the woods trying to hide Well Im in the woods trying to start a fire

Oh Detective youre so sure that its all connected so you stay up all night scared of what you know
You know its gonna end soon some kind of ascension and you wont feel safe and you wont feel right

I watched the sunrise today through a heavy glass bottle I found beauty in something so empty
And I wasnt trying to hide but nobody found me so ill just stay here all day trying to make up my mind
Track Name: Phantom Limb
Watch her as she goes fast has never been this slow
What a way for the night to end one hand in your pocket

Curse and drop the keys every star knows where ya been
You drive the car like a drunk but every guardrail remains untouched

And she said I never lost the feeling completely
But that doesnt mean your phantom limbs wont haunt me

Watch her as she goes shell leave ya in just about a month or so
What a way for the night to end what a way for it to go

Summer came and went never even brushed my fingertips
Someone said that the worlds gonna end someone said that the worlds gonna end
Track Name: Manilla Envelope
I used to hide myself inside a manilla envelope and at night I would crawl out and by morning id come back inside

Id hide it behind my bed id pass it off as school supplies and I denied it so many more than three times

I buried you under linoleum floors it was four years ago and a song that I wrote meant the world to you

Now its pasted onto my back they keep it in place with tacks I guess they liked it but for the life of me I cant recall what I said

I love the way you play piano all alone and the room is soundproof but the sounds are all running out with you
Track Name: Talos
I got lost in my room again
The view passes as an old friend
Well Im a candle so bright
Im outshined by the sunlight

And Talos walks on the beach
He looks left and right decides to keep looking
Dead bodies tan an hair gets bleached
He got as close as can be

I found an old note today
Under a couch in my memory
It said I really hope you stay
Theres only pain if you run away